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The Food Beat FAQ’s

Transparency and information first.

Why KERUAK?2020-03-03T22:03:21+01:00

We created KERUAK because people live:
– FAST: in a very changing work environment that takes away the availability of time, even for eating, while often making us feel guilty about what we eat
– CONNECTED: through social networks, internet, online shopping.
We see that certain trends will be key in the coming years:
– Vegan movement: a transversal change that is growing exponentially especially among the younger generations and that promotes not only a food model that respects animal welfare, but also has positive consequences on the environment and sustainability.
– Transparency: requested by users to all companies and organizations, to report what and how all their products and services are produced.
– Sustainability: where the purpose of organizations (beyond the financial one) promotes a positive impact on the environment and society.
All these values are what The Food Beat through KERUAK wants to boost.

What is KERUAK inspired by?2020-03-03T22:03:51+01:00

KERUAK is inspired by the dynamism and revolutionary spirit and explorer of Jack Kerouac, the novelist who wrote his iconic work “On the Road” in less than 3 weeks, and changed the way of thinking of an entire generation through the Beat movement. A real anti Statu Quo movement and against the traditionalism of the time, a new way of life.

What is KERUAK?2020-03-03T22:08:31+01:00

KERUAK is a snack for everyday life, those moments that you need to eat something and you don’t have time to cook, even to eat quietly. You want to satisfy your hunger, but you have to continue with that meeting or report and you cannot stop, we propose a 100% healthy food, instead of the nutritionally empty food that we usually sell.
– Simple: a maximum of 4 ingredients per flavor, mixing nuts, dried fruits and some spices. Only that!
– Free of artificial ingredients, added sugar and sweeteners: 100% transparency. We do not encourage “chemophobia”, as we believe in technology and chemistry to conserve and generate new foods, but we believe that we are currently consuming too many ultra-processed products full of additives that are seriously compromising our health and increasing the current obesity epidemic.
– Raw: the manufacturing process is without cooking.
– Sustainable: totally plant-based minimizing the impact on the environment.
– Easy: without complications, simple consumption, easy to take and eat wherever you want
-Delicious: it tastes great!

How are they made?2022-02-15T19:43:50+01:00

The process of making KERUAK is very simple, we gather all the ingredients until they bind and then we give it the shape of a bar. That process is done cold.

What flavors are available?2020-03-07T12:16:04+01:00

We started with 4 flavors:
Apple: which brings the magic touch of apple and cinnamon.
Peanut: which is the basic for lovers of the purest taste of nuts and peanut.
Cacao: for chocolate passionate, enhancing the pleasure of pure cocoa.
Pistacho: the intensity of flavor and color of the pistachio together with the sweetness of dates.

What ingredients does it have?2020-03-17T21:41:55+01:00

A maximum of 4 ingredients in each flavor!
Apple: dates, almonds, dried apple and cinnamon.
Peanut: dates, peanuts, almonds and cashews.
Cacao: dates, almonds, hazelnuts and pure cocoa.
Pistacho: dates, almonds and pistachios.
Just 100% real ingredients as you see!


We are sorry, but if you are allergic to nuts, peanuts (or revolutionary snacks) we cannot feed you.
Please, note that it may also contain traces of eggs, milk or other fruits.


For us there are very important points, such as trying to get ingredients locally, and getting involved in promoting initiatives to renew local agriculture. Currently the product is not certified as organic, but if you really believe it is something very important, we would like you to tell us through our contact form.
In the future we may evaluate having an organic KERUAK line.


We are proud of saying that KERUAK is the FIRST range of bars “made in Spain”, 100% vegan and healthy.

Gluten free?2020-03-15T18:39:05+01:00

Of course, KERUAK is gluten free.

Lactose free?2020-03-15T18:40:19+01:00

Unfortunately, KERUAK may contain traces of milk, although none of the ingredients come from dairy products.


KERUAK ingredientes are non-GMO, following the European regulations that prohibit them. We specifically make sure of this with our suppliers.

Recyclable packaging?2020-03-15T18:54:08+01:00

KERUAK packaging is made of polypropylene (category 5) and is fully recyclable, being one of the categories that has the best recyclability. In addition, we have designed the packaging in such a way that the residue is as little as possible. Its thickness is very thin, just the strictly necessary for its perfect preservation, while it is fully adapted to the bar size, so it does not have empty spaces, which leads to avoid using unnecessary material. We want to highlight this since, when comparing KERUAK to other snacks, it is important to check our real ingredients and the weight of our bar: 50gr.
Once the snack has been consumed, we advocate the responsibility of depositing the packaging waste in the yellow container. We are still investigating the possibility of using in the future a biodegradable packaging, but there are still many uncertainties about it.
We are investigating the possibility for the future of using a biodegradable packaging, although there are still many uncertainties regarding its benefits.

Added sugar?2020-02-29T14:12:12+01:00

No f***ing way!

Artificial additives?2020-03-15T18:55:37+01:00

You won’t find any artificial ingredient that modifies in any way the taste, smell, texture, conservation, color … of KERUAK. We are against the abusive use of artificial additives in food, especially when most do not contribute in any good way to your health.

Palm oil?2020-02-29T14:10:45+01:00

No, we only use the 4 ingredients we indicate on the packaging and are good for your health, among them there is no palm oil in any way.

What differentiates it from other snacks?2020-03-15T18:57:42+01:00

Most snacks use huge amounts of ingredients that are not good for your health, many are additives to modify taste or visual properties, but mainly sugars and fats in their different formats (and names). We have decided to use only 4 ingredients (pistachio flavor only 3), so you really eat something healthy and can feel the taste of what you are eating, not the flavoring used by the traditional food industry as a substitute for the real ingredient in its natural form.

What differentiates it from energy bars?2020-03-15T19:05:59+01:00

The typical energy bars are produced for sports practice. They are designed (not always correctly) with the focus on sports performance and leaving aside nutritional quality, raw ingredients, organoleptic qualities or the impact on your health. Most of the “typical energy bars” have added sugars of rapid absorption and unhealthy quality fats, as well as animal-based protein in most cases. We start from the basis, creating a bar with only real food. As you could do at home. Benefiting from both the natural sugars of dates as well as the good quality fats and plant-based proteins from dried fruits and nuts. For all that and because behind KERUAK there is much more than just a simple snack … We are not the “typical energy bar”. That is why KERUAK wasn’t designed as an “energy bar” but better to take it whenever you want or need it, for the simple pleasure of eating a healthy snack or at a leisure time, in a meeting, in the office, on an excursion, climbing, waiting for a flight or reading your favorite novel. But above all it is important that when you eat it, you won’t feel guilty for having eaten a snack, because you will really be eating real food, guilt-free.

Food substitute?2020-03-15T19:49:40+01:00

We do not conceive of KERUAK as a substitute of real food. We do not want you to substitute your serving of fruit or your meal for eating a KERUAK. On the other side, KERUAK is here to convince you that it is not worth keep buying ultra-processed snacks because it is possible to eat tasty, palatable and healthy snacks without having to get junk (unhealthy) food. Part of our objective is to create awareness of the importance of the food for your health, environment and society impact. We want you to eat more real food and less shit, clearly speaking.

Would a nutritionist approve it?2020-03-15T19:53:52+01:00

Silvia, co-founders of The Food Beat, is a dietitian-nutritionist which makes us proud and we believe that it is an added value to the product and our brand. So yes, KERUAK is not only recommended by dietitians-nutritionists but we also have one in our team which guarantees everything we offer are healthy foods.

How many can I eat per day?2020-03-15T19:54:42+01:00

Due to its nutritional profile, a recommended consumption would be 1 KERUAK a day. But this is very general, it will depend on your lifestyle.

Why does it have that price?2020-03-15T19:58:51+01:00

For us, the most important thing is quality and real ingredients. Obviously, not using sugar, sweeteners, flavor aditives, and poor-quality vegetable fats means that we can’t compete on price against, for example (worst case) a donut. Our offer for you: do not harm your health. Even so, in order for you to figure what we are talking about, we encourage you to compare yourself the price of 1kg of sugar against 1kg of dates, or 1kg of sunflower oil against 1kg of almonds. As you will see, we don’t play in the same league.

How are they preserved, refrigeration?2020-08-11T10:05:53+02:00

In a cool and dry place, or also in the fridge if you rather have them cooler, as you want. In summer we highly recommend to keep them in the fridge.

What period of preferential consumption does it have?2020-03-15T20:07:56+01:00

It is a food with a long expiration period, so it will last at least over 12 months.

Have you thought about going with KERUAK to the Got Talent show?2020-03-15T20:08:30+01:00

Currently KERUAK has an infinity of qualities compared to other similar products, but it still doesn’t make any shows, although thanks for thinking it too.

What are the nutritional values?2020-04-18T09:48:39+02:00

We assure you a good dose of energy, plant-based proteins and essential micronutrients.
On each product page you can see the corresponding nutritional table:

You can also download the nutritional information here.

Which number of calories and proteins?2020-03-07T12:12:08+01:00

All the ingredients of KERUAK are natural and healthy, so all the macro- and micronutrients that it provides are the best quality.
On each product page you can see the corresponding nutritional table:

Why The Food Beat?2020-03-22T17:32:36+01:00

Because we have a clear purpose, something that not all organizations have, and we live it and spread it wherever we go: The REVOLUTION of the way society is fed through new healthy and sustainable products. That alone, is already reason enough to justify the “why” of The Food Beat. But we want to tell you even more, so we have a specific section for this where you can find out more about The Food Beat (link to The Food Beat page).

What is The Food Beat inspired by?2020-03-15T20:38:22+01:00

As for creating our first product: KERUAK, we were initially inspired by the Beat Movement. We want to turn the food industry upside down, that’s why we fall in love with the word Beat, because besides “rhythm”, it also means “hit”, and we want to hit strong and make noise, to transform the food industry forever.
We are also dynamism, action, adventure and future. We like festivals, revolutionary protesters and those who jump from a plane at 120thousand feet. We are crazy, and we like “Beatles” too, you get it?

What does #eatrevolution mean?2020-03-15T20:44:16+01:00

The best claim we could have, because it speaks of eating and revolution, just our purpose itself. It is a war cry to combat the order established in the food industry and some sectors of society. We use it to find anyone who wants to join this revolution. Use it as a hashtag so that we can find you. We are looking for allies, tell us on social networks how you think you carry out the food revolution.

I want to sell KERUAK in my store, what do I do?2020-03-15T20:51:43+01:00

First of all, keep in mind that when you start selling them, hundreds of food revolutionaries will be arriving at your store, be ready! Please, contact us with all the necessary details via this FORM. Thanks!

How can I be an ambassador for KERUAK?2020-03-15T20:53:25+01:00

Unless you are Kim Kardashian, tell us who you are by writing to: hello@keruak.es.
If you were her: we don’t like Atkins diet 😛

Where can I buy KERUAK?2020-04-11T20:30:28+02:00

You can purchase KERUAK directly through our online store (PRODUCTS). Or also at the stores where we are present (you can ask us via our contact form).

When will I receive my order?2020-08-11T10:07:57+02:00

We usually ship all orders daily and the estimated time with the transport agencies is between 24 and 72 hours, from the first business day until 12:00h, or if it was later than that hour from the next business day. Depending on your location you will receive it sooner or later. We will notify you and give you a tracking number, so you know at all times where your order is located. In most cases, the order reaches its destination in less than 24 hours.

Do you offer discounts?2020-03-15T21:38:52+01:00

We regularly launch different promotions, stay tuned to our social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, and sign up to our newsletter to receive all promos.

Where do you ship to?2020-03-15T21:40:48+01:00

We ship to Spain (mainland), Balearic Islands and Portugal (mainland). Currently we do not send to Ceuta and Melilla, the Canary Islands, the islands of Portugal and rest of Europe yet, but we hope to do it soon, sorry ☹

International shippings?2020-03-15T21:42:18+01:00

Currently we only ship to Spain and Portugal (mainland). As you know, our values are international and our plan is to reach more countries very soon.

What are the shipping costs?2021-02-16T19:52:00+01:00

We have FREE shipping costs to Spain (mainland) for orders of € 29 or more.
For the rest of the areas or smaller orders, the shipping costs per order are:
– Spain (mainland): € 3.95
– Balearic Islands: € 6.95
– Portugal (mainland): € 4.95

Can I cancel / return my order?2020-03-15T21:44:57+01:00

Because it is a food product (it’s so great and delicious), and for sanitary reasons, we cannot accept the return of our products. However, in case you have any problem with the package or box, please write us immediately an email with the issue to hola@keruak.es, so we can solve it quickly and correctly.

Payment methods?2020-03-15T21:45:56+01:00

We accept the following methods of online payment: VISA or MASTERCARD credit cards, and PAYPAL.

Can you send me a container of KERUAK to my house?2020-03-15T21:49:16+01:00

Of course, just let us know a few days in advance so we can make you the certificate of “Revolutionary of the month” out!

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